We are committed to supporting businesses to excel in the marketplace

Sprout Incubator

Our programs align with our commitments to make a difference and are managed by Sprout Incubator - Business Incubator focused on supporting budding entrepreneurs passionate about bringing ideas to reality. From Ideation to Execution, Sprout Incubator offers support by building and managing startups which grow to become stalwarts in the marketplace.

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Brand Programs

We are committed to supporting businesses to excel in the marketplace. Advancing digital and economic growth through our full-circle development programs

Comscope Social

Social Media Management Program focused on accelerating brand communication online to advance growth in the marketplace. Comscope Social offers support by providing key services like brand community management, content development and copywriting that helps brands acquire fans and engage consumers

Square Interactive

UI/UX Development Program focused on advancing digital growth of small and medium enterprises. Sqaure Interactive Systems offers support by providing key digital services like Website & Email Management, SEO and Mobile App Development, that revamp idle brands to excel in the modern marketplace

Standard Publishing

Publishing & Branding Program for Enterprises, Corporations, Institutions, Private Entities and Government Agencies. Standard Publishing Services provides high value branding services to clients looking to step-up in the marketplace using brand visibility


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